Jim Sykes

Our Organist & Choir Director


James W. Sykes was born September 27, 1955.  He was encouraged musically by his father and at the age of 5 was plucking out tunes on the piano. He began to study piano at the age of 6 with two teachers, Thomas Rossetti and Maurice Hunt.  At the age of 13, Jim began studying organ with Mrs. Elsie Andes who was a student of the famous French organist/composer Marcel Dupree.  One year later, he began playing for mass at the Holy Family Catholic Church in West Newton, PA.  At 18 Jim began quite a long tenure at West Newton United Presbyterian Church that lasted 23 years until 1996.  He returned to WNUPC in November of 2013.  Jim owns and teaches piano and voice at West Newton Piano and Voice and teaches music at The Church Christian Academy.  He currently has 47 students.  The very real joy in his life happened in November 2008 when he completely surrendered his life to Jesus Christ and has experienced the blessings of the one true God.  Jim feels so happy and blessed to be back "home" at WNUPC.  He is very busy performing concerts and fundraisers in the tri-county area and hopes his music blesses others as he has been blest.  Welcome home Jim...



Come worship the Lord Jesus Christ

with friends and family!