Our Session


     Our church is governed by a Session of twelve members. The Session members chair seven committees that over see and organize the work and mission of the church.Listed below are the various committees and their Session representatives. In order to include members of the congregation in the decision making process, you are invited to join any one, or several, of the committees of the Session. Most committees meet once a month for short meetings. Some committees meet less frequently. For more thorough descriptions of the duties and responsibilities of each committee, please contact Pastor John or one of the Session members on the committee.


Clerk of Session: Kris Edwards

Class of 2019: Greg Franks, Karen Murray, Amanda McMinn, Marcia Harris

Class of 2020: Annetta Carney, Michele Coleman, Anne Hustwit, Beck Moran

Class of 2021: Clark Detman, Ron Chamberlin, Colleen Martinelli, Harry                                        Hepler


Christian Education: Becky Moran, Colleen Martinelli

Building & Grounds: Clark Detman, Michele Coleman

Worship and Sacraments: Annetta Carney, Amanda McMinn

Budget and Finance: Ron Chamberlin, Marcia Harris

Membership Care: Anne Hustwit, Karen Murray

Personnel: Harry Hepler

Pastoral Care: Greg Franks

Mission: As needed by Session